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Albert & Son Plumbing responded very quickly on a weekend to my call about a clogged sewer line.  It was a problem that wouldn’t respond to standard plumbing methods but Albert would not quit.  He worked all weekend to get my plumbing back in service.

 Part of the problem was the age of our pipes (home built 1960) so Albert updated our system so that any future problems could be remedied faster and easier than this situation.  I was impressed with the speed of service and Albert’s approach to the problem.  He listened patiently to my explanation of what was happening, asked a few questions, diagnosed the problem and then explained to me what needed to be done.
 He showed me his price list and when I nodded consent, he went to work with an energy one doesn’t often see.  His approach to the problem was very professional, businesslike and courteous.   I was very comfortable with his knowledge and expertise and felt he was very fair and honest in his recommendations and charges.
 The big plumbing problem was made up of several smaller problems and he solved these one by one and in his explanations I could tell he was trying to use the simplest, least expensive methods to get the best outcome.  I felt like he was as interested in getting the water flowing as I was. I never felt like he was trying to sell something I didn’t need.
 I really liked the way he worked, the way he explained things, the quality of his work and the prices he charged.  He cleaned up behind himself and carried away large, very heavy pieces of old cast iron pipe.  I think Albert & Son Plumbing produces excellent results at a fair price.  Great service, top quality, very reasonable cost.  What more can I say?

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